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We assist new home buyers with finding the right home, in the right location, and at the right price.

Many home buyers mistakenly believe that they can walk into a model home, work with the onsite sales person, and walk away with a great deal. They think that by working directly with the builder, they will save money. Wrong! What they don’t know is that the onsite sales representative is a carefully trained negotiator… and he or she works for the builder. This puts buyers at a disadvantage and they often leave feeling disillusioned.

Often, working with an agent seems no better. You don’t understand why your agent keeps showing you houses from one builder, but not others, and the location is never quite right for you. Surprisingly, many agents are not familiar with the new home buying process or where the new neighborhoods are. That leaves you researching builders and communities on your own, but the more you look, the more confusing it gets!

ENTER FOLLO! Created by a group of real estate professionals who were themselves frustrated at being unable to find new homes, we are the go-to source for new construction homes. We developed a revolutionary search engine exclusively designed to help you, the home buyer, locate new neighborhoods.  You can search by price, proximity to a location you choose (like your office), builder, or community. We provide you with the names of ALL the builders and show you what homes are available now, coming soon, or just getting started.

The search capacity of Follo is IMPRESSIVE and long overdue. That’s just the beginning… When you join us, you’ll learn how to negotiate with builder representatives, what you can ask for, and what you should avoid. The best part of being a Follo member is the cash back at closing! We actually pay you for using our service!

Sound too good to be true? For more details, keep reading!


We are going to educate you on how to successfully navigate negotiations with builders AND when you close on your new home, we’ll put money back in your pocket!


At Follo, we believe in giving home buyers all the options that exist in their area.  We provide information about all the builders. However, we do not review the builders listed here, nor do we promote one over another.  Are all builders created equal?  Of course not!  We recommend that you do your research and find out as much as you can about the builder before you sign any contracts!

When you choose to join Follo, you’ll be able to continue using our great search feature to narrow down and compare homes you’re interested in purchasing.  Once you’ve selected a home you’d like to see or a builder who has models you like, one of our associates will give you builder-specific information on how you can negotiate the best price for your new home.

If negotiating isn’t your strong suit, your associate will be happy to go along to the builder with you and negotiate on your behalf.  Once the contracts are signed and the final price is known (which should be lower than the original “sticker” price), we’ll be able to determine the cash back amount that will be paid to you at closing. Because the rebate is a percentage of the sales price, the ONLY reason it will be less than what you see is because you paid less for your home!  WIN-WIN!


We are committed to providing an extraordinary level of care and expertise for all of your home shopping needs.  Visit our Help Center for a list of common questions and answers.